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Extra Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

Extra Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

If you’ve spent any time researching the topic of taking magnesium oil supplements you’ve probably come across an Extra Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil Spray. I was one of those people as a child, not able to make my diet balanced enough to correspond with what I needed to build strong bones and muscles. I would put in extra magnesium every meal just hoping that it would do the trick. This article is my attempt at a professional review of this popular product.

Magnesium oil is basically a type of edible magnesium. I’m sure you have heard of magnesium citrate as well. Magnesium citrate has a nice taste and it is easy to take. What I didn’t know about these two ingredients was that they are actually one and the same. You’ll find that most of the supplements on the market are a mix of these ingredients.

Extra Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil is basically one of those supplements that claim to contain pure magnesium. To me, it sounds like they are claiming to contain a form of water instead of magnesium chloride. Magnesium oil and extra strength are just one of the many forms of magnesium used. The other form is known as “pure magnesium” and contains no additional substances. This form is probably the safest to take.

I can’t say that I understand how the body works, but I do know what I don’t want it to do. Magnesium is known for being an ionic messenger and enhancer, assisting cells to function and grow properly. If there is a lack of proper levels of this ionic messenger, then cells will be overworked, stressed, and damaged. This is basically what happens when we load our bodies down with too much magnesium. I can only imagine the extra strength supplement would do the same thing.

Magnesium oil is not going to cut it, even in supplemental doses, for one simple fact. Your body is simply not designed to absorb extra magnesium. It simply doesn’t have the structural materials in place to do so. Magnesium is a soft mineral, so taking it through your system on a regular basis is going to cause major problems for the cells. You get this wrong by taking high doses in a short amount of time. There is simply no way to make this happen, so supplements such as Extra Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil just aren’t going to work.

The only real way to increase your magnesium level is through food. Eating plenty of foods that are high in magnesium can help, but what good will they do if you aren’t ingesting enough to really raise your levels? For this reason, I recommend taking a supplement that offers an extra dose of magnesium, but doesn’t require a prescription. One of these is called “Super Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil”.

This supplement is a perfect example of extra strength. It promises to give you twice the amount of magnesium that you would get from one tablespoon of regular table salt. What makes it special is that it’s all natural. No harmful fillers or preservatives mean it’s a lot easier on your body than other forms of magnesium. And best of all, it’s a supplement that is easy to take.

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