Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Is Magnesium Oil Good for Inflammation?

Is Magnesium Oil Good for Inflammation

There are many people that ask the question “Is magnesium oil good for inflammation?“. The answer is yes, it is. You have probably heard about the antiinflammatory properties of magnesium oil and wondered what it could do to help you with your pain or illness. Magnesium oil can be used in a few different ways depending on where the magnesium is extracted from.

Making the body less sensitive to pain

One way that magnesium oil can be used to combat inflammation is by making the body less sensitive to pain. When you are feeling sick and tired a lot there is a direct correlation between magnesium and inflammation. The magnesium in the oil acts as an analgesic. This means that you are less likely to experience pain when you ingest magnesium oil. The anti inflammatory properties also make it easier for your body to heal itself and therefore speed up the healing process.

Another way that magnesium is used to fight pain and help with body healing is when you get a migraine. When your body experiences elevated amounts of inflammation it causes changes in the blood vessels. High levels of inflammation in the brain and throughout the body cause headaches and migraines.

Complaint about migraines

By ingesting a high amount of magnesium oil during a migraine attack you can help to reduce the amount of time the headache lasts. One common complaint about migraines is they are very painful. It’s almost impossible to simply pop a pill and it will stop, especially if it’s an acute attack. By ingesting high amounts of magnesium it can help to reduce the pain that comes with a migraine. Studies have shown that people who consumed large amounts of magnesium before a migraine had much lower severity of the headache when compared to those who got their headaches after ingesting magnesium oil.

Arthritis sufferers also use magnesium oil for inflammation. Magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory that doesn’t cause adverse side effects like other drugs used to treat arthritis do. Many anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and aspirin work well on mild to moderate cases of arthritis. However, most arthritis patients do not get any relief from these medications.

Help with the muscle spasms

Magnesium oil is helpful because it can also help to heal your body. When you take it regularly, it can also help with the muscle spasms that happen when you get a whiplash. This is because it is a muscle relaxant. The blood vessels dilate and the heart rate goes down. This reduces the amount of inflammation going on in the brain and the vessels surrounding the brain. When there is less inflammation going on in and around your body you will feel better overall.

However, you should be careful when taking magnesium oil. You should only use it when it is recommended by your doctor. It is best to take it with food. When you are trying to lose weight you should limit your intake of magnesium all together. If you do take it with food you should use it in its most natural form. In other words, you should avoid taking powdered magnesium because it can be dangerous.

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