Uses of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Lotion Benefits

Is Magnesium Oil Spray Good for Arthritis

It is an effective method to promote proper absorption of this mineral. In the medium and long term it can help to achieve interesting magnesium lotion benefits. Professionals usually recommend and use magnesium lotion it in order to relieve tension and inflammation in the extremities, as well as muscle pain. It also helps improve blood circulation and protects cardiovascular health. In the same way, it helps to strengthen the immune system, avoiding drops in energy or chronic fatigue. As well as regulates hormonal activity, controlling the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Magnesium lotion also helps soothe headaches and stiff neck. It is worth mentioning that it prevents stress and anxiety and participates in the formation of muscle mass. It also helps to level blood glucose levels and decreases stomach pain.


How to prepare this homemade magnesium lotion?

Magnesium lotions can sometimes be a bit expensive. Therefore, making a homemade recipe is a practical way to save money. On the other hand, these types of options allow you to control the required amount of this mineral. Thus, the amount of flakes used can be adjusted to the needs of each one. Below we propose a simple formula, very useful to incorporate it into the medicine cabinet.

Magnesium Lotion Recipe


½ cup of magnesium flakes, 100 grams.

½ cup of water, 125 ml.

1 spray bottle.

Preparation of Magnesium Lotion

First, put half a cup of water in a pot and let it heat for a few moments, without bringing it to a boil. When it reaches the desired temperature, pour it over the half cup of magnesium flakes and stir them with a silicone utensil. Once they dissolve, let it sit until it cools. Then, after checking that it is cold or at a bearable temperature, rub it on the skin until it is well absorbed. Then, store it in a cool, dark place for proper maintenance.

How to use Magnesium Lotion?

You can repeat the application of the lotion up to 10 times a day. However, it is best to see a doctor to find out what each person needs specifically. Each one is different and the same thing does not have to be good for everyone. In addition, in order to achieve optimal absorption, a good option is to apply it specifically on the stomach, arms and legs. Finally, it is best to keep it in a glass jar to make it last longer.

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